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Bacterium Pond Plus

It is a mixture of specific bacterias that remove nitrates, phosphates and
all the pollutants present in the pond.
In this way eliminate algae nutrients and prevent their growth

Bacterium Pond Plus is truly innovative because it decomposes NH3 NO2 NO3, but it is the first biological activator that works effectively on Phosphates.
All laboratory tests have shown the effectiveness in all conditions andthe results are striking and immediately verifiable within 24 hours of introducing Bacterium Pon Plus into your pond.
Bacterium Pond Plus is a Biological Activator that:
• Provides fast activation of the biological filter.
• Activates and accelerates the decomposition of the nitrogen compounds - ammonia (NH3), nitrites (NO2), nitrates (NO3) and phosphates (PO4)
• With its selective and antagonist action, it reduces the risk of diseases and fights algae.
• Restores bacterial flora.
• it fights algae and creates an environment suitable for life of fish and plants

ml 250
ml 500
Bacterium Pond Plus
Severe pollution
1 ml* per 1000 liters every 3 days - repeat 4 times
If the pond has accumulated a lot of mud on the bottom you can repeat the treatment for 7-8 times
In this case it is very important that the filter has a correct flow and it is regularly cleaned.
In normal conditions
1 ml* per 2000 liters every 15 days
After using bacteria do not use anti-algae or biocides for at least 3 - 4 days
Complementary Cleaning action:
Ligh Water Pond - binds the particles in suspension and phosphates making them fall, and making the water clear
* The spoon supplied has a volume of 3.5 ml in satin
Water Conditioner POND

The water conditioner for POND, specifically designed for low temperatures, works immediately, turning the tap water into water suitable for the life of fish.
• It permanently bonds heavy metals
• It neutralises chlorine
• It protects with colloidal substances the sensitive parts of fish
• It adds iodine, magnesium and all the vitamins of the B group.

Doses: 10 ml (1 cap) every 200 litres of water

- ml 1000
- ml 2000
Biocondizionatore per laghetti
Light Water POND

Makes pond water clear and bright as it binds the particles in suspension, both mecanic and organic.
Light Water Pond combining them and making them fall allow to the filter to remove them.
It is immediatly effective, the results are visible in few hours. Use only with values more then 2 d°KH.
Leave at least 48 hours between one use and one other.
The cloud that appears is not harmful for fish and demonstrates the effectiveness of the product

Doses: 10 ml (1 cap) per 200 liters.

- ml 1000
- ml 2000
Light Water POND
AntiAlgae POND

Thanks to its unique composition AntiAlgae eliminates algae quickly and efficiently.
It inhibits the growth of every kind of algae on contact and without harming plants.
Instructions for use
• Shake well before using. Recommended dose is 10ml (1 cap) per 200 litres.
• Before and after treatment, physically remove dead algae as it is quite harmful.
• Ensure that the water has the highest oxygen level possible.
• Based on the type of algae and the composition of the water, AntiAlgae will have maximum effect after 1-6 weeks.
• Repeat treatment after 10 days if the algae problem is very serious.

- ml 1000
- ml 2000
Antilgae POND
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